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Android Go: Everything you need to know


Android Go: Everything you need to know
Android Go or Android Oreo(Go Edition) is the new Google’s OS designed for the budget friendly phones in developing market.
What is Android go?
Android go is the lightweight version of Android Oreo. In this Android: OS, Google Play store and Google apps have been reimagined for Android Oreo( Go Edition) to make them run better in lesser hardware.
Things described on Video
1. It delivers the best Android experience on the devices with the lowest memory configuration ( 512 MB to 1GB)
The OS is based on Android Oreo, but it’s built to run with smartphones having 1GB or less RAM.
2. There are just 9 pre-installed apps
They are: Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Files Go, Gboard, Google Play and Chrome. These application have been reimagined
~~~~~~~~~~~××××××××××××××~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~for Android Oreo( Go Edition) to make them run better in lesser hardware.
3. Apps on it take 50% less storage space
The pre-installed apps on Android Oreo (Go Edition) are said to require up to 50% less storage space overall than the regular versions.
4. Google data saving feature is turned on by default
As we know that, Google launched it’s new data management app for the Android user that let them to manage data in their Android device. But Android Go have get the data managing feature by default in it.
5. A new section on play store for Android Go user
Google have created a new section on the Play store that show the best suited app for the Android Go.

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