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Princess Tarakanova (1910) movie


During the reign of Russia’s Empress Ekaterina II (Catherine the Great), Count Orlov writes a letter to the Empress, denouncing Princess Tarakanova as a traitor and a would-be usurper. On the Empress’s orders, Tarakanova is led into a trap and arrested. Because the Princess continues to insist that she is the only true heir to the throne, she quickly finds herself in great danger.

Princess Tarakanova (1910) movie

Genre: Drama, Silent Film
Production Co.: Pathé

Directed by Kai Hansen, Maurice Maître
Writing Credits: Cheslav Sabinsky, Ippolit Shpazhinsky (play)
Cinematography by Joseph-Louis Mundwiller, Toppi

V. Mikulina as Tarakanova
N. Aleksandrova as Yekaterina II
Nikolai Vekov as Orlov
S. Lazarev as Golitsyn
A. Burakovskiy
O. Nelskaya as Francesca de Mechade
M. Rzhanov as Tolstoy
F. Semkovsky as Grieg
Nikolai Vasilyev as Potyomkin

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