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Wireless mini Keyboard Mouse i8 This Cool Cheap Gadget Full Review Tutorial


Wireless mini Keyboard Mouse i8 This Cool Cheap Gadget Full Review Tutorial in urdu hindi

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Built-In 2.4G Wireless Receiver
Model UKB 500 RF
Key Number 92 Keys (74 Standard Keys +18 Media Keys)
DPI Adjustable Transmit Power +5 DB
Operating Voltage 3.3 V
Operating Current
This 2.4G wireless handheld keyboard, which consists of keyboard, mouse touchpad, and laser pointer, provides you a unique & capable tool to operate your computer wirelessly. It can be widely used for multimedia lectures, presentations, home theatre entertainment, etcMeet the golden section of the mini-size, enjoy the full-size keyboard, the main function, enter the instant messaging message, URL and search text, without leaving your sofa or seating.
Perfect control PC entertainment features:Innovative design of the Navigation keys, convenient and practical multimedia control keys and 2.4G wireless technology to provide you with the farthest to 30 m PC control capabilities, backlight lamp designed to allow you to even in dim light it is also able to easily enter text browse web pages lying on a sofa playing computer games.The perfect keyboard touch laser pointer combination. Whether it is teaching training or speech keyboard mouse laser pointer in one hand and hand three dimensional explanation a more lively
and how to connect with smartphone laptop pc computer xbox android tv smat tv lcd led iphone tv box old tv this is so cool wireles keyboar mouse that is recharge able with 810 mah bettery 5c and blutooth usb connector for all allow usd input usb port and you need for your mobile or phone otg usb connector
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